How is SmackDown Live Better than Monday Night Raw?

There’s something about the SmackDown Live right now. The Company seems finally ready to set blue brand up for long term success. Besides this, WWE might finally be willing to make it just as important as Monday Night Raw.  The results have already shown through in many of their recent booking decisions which looks like this is the new trend for SmackDown Live.Let us know your thoughts in the comments at WWE-News’ dot com

Probably the brand has to be mainly with Fox sports paying enough to have Smackdown Live on their network. However, the industry has to pull out all the stops to make the network happy.  Here are the top five reasons why Smackdown Live is now superior to the Red One.

You can practically predict what would happen in the opening segment of the red brand. The Show either going to be some long drawn out promo that eventually leads to a match or a promo that leads to a fight. The same thing that WWE Universe has seen countless times before and shows that Monday Night Raw isn’t willing to take any chances.

On the contrary, Smackdown Live has been taking over the course of the last two weeks. WWE is trying some exciting things with the gauntlet match that featured Kofi Kingston taking on half of the showand the unexpected women’s title match last week. The fans see a considerable contrast in booking styles compared to Monday Night Raw.

The Blue brand have an actual world title picture is one of the many things that sets it apart from that of the Red brand. The World Champion shows up every single week and defends his title at every pay per view. If nothing else only serves as another advantage to Smackdown Live. Everything Blue Brand has done with the WWE championship picture wasn’t great besides other things.

At least it is a change from not having an active picture at all. The WWE title picture was kept relevant, and the Universal championship wasn’t that’s may be a little unfair. The dynamic title picture is among the reasons why the WWE Universe is tuning into SmackDown Live a lot more!

Vince McMahon’s involvement on SmackDown Live is helping spice things up for Monday Night Raw. The chairman’s constant attempts at holding other superstars down and doing what he thinks is best for business serves as the perfect driving force to the brand. The Red Brand has had these authorities, but they don’t have the same impact likewise Mr. McMahon doing it all onscreen.

This helps the admirers see these decisions for what they are. WWE Universe is more easily able to react in anger to what The Boss’ ridiculous plan is. Right now The Chairman is playing up his out of touch nature on the screen which is driving the fans insane. The Company has chosen to focus all this energy on the Kofi Kingston that could result in The New Day member having the WWE Championship.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte have also been doing a great job to make Smackdown Live a must-see product over the last couple of weeks.  They seem to get more and more personal as time goes on with their endless brawls. The Man & The Queen have been a big part of the Blue Brand’s success lately. WWE-News dot com has just been firing all the cylinders with the feud between Lynch, Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, and Flair. Smackdown Live has been a big part of it.

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