Vegan, Non-Toxic & Natural Makeup – Best Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin & Allergies 

Natural beauty products are nutrient-rich, non-toxic, made from the best, naturally-sourced ingredients. Natural makeup, organic cosmetic lines, vegan skin care and hair care are free of synthetic ingredients and contain only clean, purely obtained, natural & healthy ingredients. Often, they are also cruelty-free & environment-friendly.

Most importantly natural makeup products also benefit & enhance the skin in ways that are impossible with synthetic makeup. Free from harmful additives and chemicals that synthetic cosmetics typically contain, organic foundations and primers, natural eye makeup and vegan lipsticks – there is something for everyone.

Some of the natural ingredients that natural beauty products might contain are plants like stained berries, which have a natural reddening property as lip-enhancing products like lip balms, lip gloss, and lip sticks.

Emulsifiers and oils such as flower essence, minerals, mica, clays, waxes, organic corn starch, and organic oils are used in foundations and similar products.

Organic beauty products are an especially good choice for people with allergies, intolerances and sensitive skin. Clean ingredients usually contain less irritants, cause less harm and are therefore safer for the skin & overall health of your body.

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